Introducing KBioBox's BioEngine
The bio-informatics engine for Next-Generation Sequencing

Sequencing cost continues to plummet increasing the utility and range of genomic applications, however genomic research remains limited by availability and access to large scale computation. KBioBox anticipates a future where whole mammalian genomes will be assembled deNovo at the point-of-care without the need for data transfer.

KBioBox's core technology is a novell proprietary bio-informatics engine, applicable to a wide range of use cases. This core technology allows KBioBox to innovate providing precise solutions through technology licenses, enhancing the the comptetitiveness of our partners solutions.

Fast without loss of accuracy

Current available bio-informatic search engines sacrifice accuracy in order to gain speed. KBioBox's proprietary BioEngine technology provides speed without loss of accuracy, allowing for high levels of customization and complicated or unique searching and matching

Real time Analysis

Even with complex search criteria, KBioBox's BioEngine can search entire genomes in under a minute. In the extreme case the BioEngine can search against millions of reference genomes in under an hour, a powerful tool for identifying species or discovering homologies within next generation sequencing data.

Example BioDesign Result

"In House" or Cloud access

Being a software solution and requiring minimal hardware, KBioBox's BioEngine is easily deployed on in house resources or cloud. Other options include accessing the BioEngine through KBioBox's cloud or web application, both of which can be customized for specific applications.


The main component of KBioBox's BioEngine is an easy to interact with novel bio-informatics search engine, that solves the challenges of genomic search and matching. The simple structure of the BioEngine facilitates creation of custom applications to suit the needs of the most complex or sophisticated research or project.

Extends existing pipelines

Empower existing bio-informatic pipelines with the searching power of KBioBox's BioEngine. Simple interfacing ensures quick enhancement of existing pipelines, augmenting existing pipelines with the power and reliability of the BioEngine.

Maximize Sequencing Data

For Biotechs

Ensure every component of actionable information is extracted from sequencing data, accelerating research while providing an extra layer of diligence.

For Researchers

Paramount to fundamental research is diligent examination of data and exhaustion of possibilities. Use KBioBox's BioEngine to accelerate and enhance the research process, properly handling the tediosity of data analysis.

For Pharmaceuticals

Offset the challenges of growing regulatory compliance with complete and diligent genomic analysis. Ensure proper early stage success, benefit from genetic guidiance during development, and be overly prepared for regulatory review.

KBioBox BioEngine Solutions

Application Areas

Gene Editing, Cell Line Engineering, Microbiome, Oncology, Diagnostics, Annotations

Custom Applications

Insert the power of KBioBox's BioEngine into existing protocols, or create new on top


Off Target Analysis, Gene Edit Design, Pathogen Identification

BioInformatic Challenges

Complex search and align, variant analysis, homologies


Cell line scientists, Genomicists, Gene edit specialist, Bioinformaticist

Cloud Based BioInfo

Existing cloud, new cloud, or KBioBox's cloud

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