The BioInformatics engine for Genetic Data

KBioBox is a technology company with expertsie in BioInformatics specialising in fast precision off target analysis and gene edit biodesign. Created in reponse to the growing need for real-time genetic sequence analysis, KBioBox's BioEngine is a powerful genomic search engine capable of searching entire genomes in minutes for even the most complex searches. BioEngine technology is build upon novel proprietary search algorythms that do not compromise speed for accuracy. Simple interactiveness and minimal computation requirements mean the technology can be used in the field or in the cloud.

Genetic Data, KBioBox's BioEngine

The bio-informatics engine providing speed without compromising accuracy, adaptable to any bio-informatics application.

KBioBox's BioEngine empowers research and provides improved quality for your application.


Off Target Analysis

Throughly check your gene edit for potential off target interactions in under a minute. Know where to check to ensure a clean edit.

Gene Edit Design

Rapidly calculate the "top ten" targets for your gene edit via off target potential consideration. Each calculated target includes a full off target analysis.

Pathogen Identification/Analysis

Compare assembled or raw sequence data against millions of references in minutes, view alignments and homologies

De Novo Assembly

Our unique technology affords new approaches to this old problem

Microbiome Analysis

Separate, assemble, identify, and annotate.

Multi-Species Alignment

Discover new relations between species, identifying similar and conserved regions.

Custom applications

Connect your application to KBioBox's BioEngine to handle the searching, and you to handle the analysis


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Use BioEngine technology to design optimal guides for one target or across multiple targets and species. Targets and guides are determined based on minimal off target interaction.

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Already have a target and guide? Check across one or more species for potential off target sites. Each off target report includes annotation and primer information.

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After a gene edit use KBioBox's extended GUIDE-Seq analysis, extracting cleavage site and frequency, correct/incorrect repairs, and translocation information from GUIDE-seq or similar pipelines.

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Application Areas


Gene Editing


Cell Line Engineering

KBioBox's BioDesign tool and Off Target Analysis tool mean better, more stable lines, and provide quality check points

Off Target Analysis

Identify potential off target locations quickly and accurately on any genome, optional primer design calculation.

Plant Engineering

With either novel gene editing or traditional cross pollination techniques, KBioBox technology provides the best path towards success.


Rapidly identify all species present in a sample, accurate to the subspecies level

Target Design

An inversion of KBioBox's excellent Off Target Analysis, let the Bio-Engine design your guides.

Soil Microbiome

Assemble and identify known species, flag and mark unknown species


Quickly compare against millions of pathogen references, identifying with subspecies accuracy

"Extended" GUIDEseq

Extract additional information from the the GUIDEseq protocol, including cleavage sites/sizes and translocations.

Pathogen Tracking

Identify and track pathogens and unique subspecies over time

De Novo Assembly

KBioBox's patented technology provides a novel high performing approach to assembly.

CAR T-Cell engineering

Use KBioBox's powerful tools to design, check, and ensure T Cell engineering.


Compare across references or search for markers, include variant analysis to determine potential sites


Forward or reverse quickly find and label

Technical Applications

BioEngine Technology

KBioBox's technology is simple to interact with and can power any bioinformatics application, decreasing search time without sacrificing accuracy


Harness the power of the BioEngine in house to accelerate research or embedded on your website to better serve your customers

Empower existing informatics

Augment and enhance existing programs and protocols with the power of KBioBox's BioEngine

Cloud BioEngine

Deploy KBioBox's BioEngine into your cloud, or interact through KBioBox's cloud

A Performance Example

KBioBox's BioEngine applied to Gene Editing Off Target Analysis

KBioBox's Off Target Analysis application predicted 96.6% of off-targets found by GUIDE-seq, the MIT and E-CRISP tools found less then 50%.

On average KBioBox's Off Target Analysis ran in under two minutes, less than half the time for the MIT and E-CRISP tools.

Built upon KBioBox's BioEngine, the Off-Target Analysis tool predicted 96.6% of off-targets reported by the GUIDE-seq method in under two minutes. By comparison MIT's CRISPR design tool, and the E-CRISP tool both found less than 50% of total off-targets reported by GUIDE-seq.


Analysing NGS data, design a gene edit, or identifying unknown genetic material, KBioBox's BioEngine provides the computational power to expedite projects, tests, and research

Cell Line Scientist

KBioBox's BioEngines tedious attention to detail empowers scientists to develop better more stable cell lines the first time. The BioDesign tool narrows possible targets into the "top ten", while the Off Target Analysis tool highlights loci to check after a gene edit.


Identifying and tracking variants across multiple species is a daunting task. KBioBox's BioEngine accelerates and simplies this task, alleviating scientists for more important tasks.

Gene Editing Specialist

Easily customize KBioBox's BioEngine for any chemistry or combination of chemistries. Then let the BioEngine handle the tedious checking and accounting to ensure a successful gene edit.


Enhance existing bioinformatics pipelines with KBioBox's BioEngine, greatly improving search speed and capabilities. Complete research and projects expedited, allowing scientists to spend more time on important tasks.